What is Water Yoga? Here's What An Aqua Yoga Class Is Like

One of the newest yoga trends seems to be Water (or Aqua) Yoga!

In this post from Health Magazine, get an inside look at what an aqua yoga class might be like!

From the article: “Ever since I took my first Bikram class a few years ago, I’ve considered myself a yoga fanatic. So when I heard about the newest trend—practicing traditional postures in a pool—I was intrigued.

I’d read that aqua yoga is easier on your joints (thanks to the buoyancy effect) but more challenging when it comes to balance, due to the movement of the water. To feed my curiosity, I signed up for a class at Asphalt Green in New York City.

From the moment I got into the pool (which was the temperature of a nice, warm bath) I instantly felt calmer. The instructor, Blythe Knapp, began by leading us through breathing exercises and a variation of Sun Salutation in the shallow end. From there we moved into basic postures like Cat-Cow and the Warrior poses. Some were modified so that we didn’t need to put our heads underwater, and sometimes Knapp had us use the pool’s wall for support…”

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