Top Five Ways Teens Can Benefit from Yoga and Mindfulness

yoga for teens

Yoga and mindfulness allows teens to relax and unwind, and help in the task of becoming an adult. Here are the top five benefits of yoga for teens:

1. Overcoming fear and finding confidence:

Teens are often overcome with fear, fear that they don’t fit in, fear that they will fail, fear that they aren’t good enough. Yoga offers a chance for teens to prove to themselves that they can in fact achieve things that once seemed impossible. In some cases, a teen will be weary that they aren’t flexible enough to find certain poses, or worry that they will look strange or silly trying. This is particularly the case with challenging poses such as inversions and balances. However, when the teen realizes that they can lift themselves up, or achieve balance, they become liberated of that fear. As a result, they can carry that new found confidence into other aspects of life, approaching difficult situations fearlessly and achieving their goals.

2. Promoting health during crucial development:

Those who practice yoga will commonly tout the health benefits and ability for a yoga practice to ease pain and aid ailments. For teens, this benefit is even more noteworthy, in that they are in the midst of crucial development and body changes.  Many of the yoga poses have been proven to have positive effects on the body’s organs and systems. For example, child’s pose calms the nervous and lymphatic system, Tadasana (mountain pose) can improve digestion and circulation, and Sirasana (headstand) revitalises the hormonal system. Whilst the poses provide physical benefit, they can also have effects on emotions, helping to deal with stress and anxiety. Exposing teens to a yoga practice provides them with the opportunity to support their ever changing body in the process and improves the ability for their body to achieve ultimate health.

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