Abundant Yoga School offers an intimate, personal 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program entirely online!

We weave together an in-depth education in vinyasa, alignment, philosophy, and anatomy, that is rich in Biblical content including courses on Foundations of Faith, Centering Prayer, Meditation and Lectio Divina.

Our 200-hour program flows over a seven-week period. Circled in prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit, together each week builds upon the previous one creating a \"whole\" perspective on the practice.

Abundant Yoga School exists solely to commission generous, compassionate servants of Jesus Christ who desire to use the vehicle of yoga for worship & ministry. It does not matter if you cannot touch your toes or sit in silence for longer than 30 seconds. It does not matter if the last time you read the Bible was in grade school VBS. You may have no plans of ever actually teaching yoga but simply desire to grow closer in your walk with Jesus while growing your own yoga practice. We have trained students that come to their mat for a variety of reasons. What matters is your willingness to show up, trust the process, and embark upon this journey of Abundance!

Completion of the full program satisfies the requirements for the Yoga Alliance certification at the 200-hour level. We are also affiliated with the Christian Yoga Association.

Pricing and Payment

We have a variety of pricing and payment plans that are announced as we enter each new training season.

Training Weekends

We host virtual trainings in the Spring and Fall with a week break halfway through the program. Dates are announced 10 weeks prior to the start of training.

All training sessions are conducted on Zoom. Participants are required to attend live trainings and will also be given a recording after each session to refer back to. Small accommodations are made with advance notice if unable to attend a live session.

Weekend Overviews

Weekend 1: Abundant

In our first weekend together, you will begin to learn how to guide your students on a journey of abundance through the combination of yoga and the gospel. The alignment principles and assists for restorative poses will be studied and starting with a deep exploration of one arm of The Abundant Way, we will also learn sequencing and messaging of a \'Be Still\' practice.

Topics Include:
The Abundant Way (A Framework)
Anatomy 101
Restorative Postures (alignment, assists)
Still Sequencing and Messaging

Weekend 2: Foundation
Breath leads our weekend of Foundation. It sets the pace for our life and our asana. As we understand breath, we begin to delve into anatomy of where to send our breath, focusing on the spine and pelvis and all associated postures, alignment principles, and assists. Continuing to focus our attention on The Abundant Way, we explore the Be Gentle form of yoga and appropriate sequencing and messaging.

Topics Include:
Pranayama 101
Anatomy of the Spine and Pelvis
Seated, Forward Folding, Twisting Postures (alignment, assists)
Gentle Sequencing and Messaging

Weekend 3: Embody 
Giving tangible or visible form to an idea, quality, or feeling. To embody. We continue to learn anatomy in weekend three, and focus on a wide range of postures that embody spiritual, physical, and mental strength. The Abundant Way is explored further with a focus on Be Powerful sequencing and messaging.

Topics Include:
Anatomy of Lower and Upper Extremities
Standing, Balancing, Arm Balances, and Backbending Postures (alignment, assists)
Power Sequencing and Messaging

Weekend 4: Weaving
After learning how we\'re woven together anatomically in previous weeks, weekend four brings weaving to a deep dive into The Abundant Way. A full picture of the framework to help you create and teach Still, Gentle, and Powerful classes is covered.

Topics Include: 
Flow Sequences
Messaging and Weaving the Word

Weekend 5: Energy
With Christ dwelling in us, our fifth weekend brings our attention to energy, where we will discover more on our energetic bodies and chakras. We also explore history and philosophy, both essential to a well-rounded practice. Life after training and the business of yoga will be covered as well as expert introductory lectures on teaching to special populations (Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Prenatal, Healthy Hips and Backs)

Topics Include: 
History of Yoga
Yoga Philosophy
Chakras and Energy
Business of Yoga and Virtual Yoga
Special Populations (TSY, Prenatal, Healthy Hips and Backs)

Weekend 6: Instruct
Bringing together previous weeks of instruction, we will spend our sixth weekend together on how to instruct, and doing just that. This weekend will allow for abundant review and feedback to help you on your journey to becoming a RYT.

Topics Include:
Material Review
Practice Teachings

Our time together concludes with immersion, where you will virtually lead your fellow yogis through all that you\'ve learned, showcasing your own style of The Abundant Way as your final step of completing your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Core Faculty

Keleah Anderson
Keleah Anderson
Owner & Founder
E-RYT®, YACEP®, C-HYI 200,
Yoga Medicine 500HR in progress
Julie Smith
Julie Smith
R-HYI, RYT-200
Leslie McElravy
Leslie McElravy
R-HYI, RYT-200

Guest Lecturers


Requirements & Attendance

  • Live Training platform includes Zoom Meetings/Webinars, some pre-recorded lectures, weekly Q&A calls, accountability partners & accountability groups (no larger than 10)
  • You can expect to spend 20 hours a week participating in live trainings and practice teachings. You will also be expected to spend 5 hours a week investing in your own personal yoga practice, meditation and completing reading assignments and homework.
  • Unlimited virtual yoga included
  • A library of 200 pre-recorded Abundant Yoga Classes included to give you a variety of content.

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