Take It To The Mat, Guys: Yoga for Men Age 50+


Another great post for our Men on the Mat!  In this article “Take It to the Mat, Guys: Yoga for Men 50+”, it explores the beginning of one man taking yoga (starting at age 53!) and his benefits from it.  Check it out here or read more below:



Looking to expand your fitness routine? Regardless of your age or sex, yoga is a gentle way to promote flexibility and strength.

I’m 53 and new to yoga — and to my surprise, I have really taken to it. My wife tried for years to get me into it, but I simply wasn’t interested. I knew some men embraced it, but I just didn’t see its appeal — even though I had never set foot in a class.

But in March of this year my wife and I joined a health club in our neighbourhood. Having focused so much time and money over the last decade or so on keeping our kids active in soccer, hockey and taekwondo, we had a new commitment to improve our own fitness. I decided right away to work with a personal trainer who designed a weight-training regimen for me and recommended I include yoga among the other activities in my weekly routine. My trainer, Brian Cruz, says he often recommends yoga to his clients, “because it’s a more entertaining way of actually getting your stretching in. Many people just don’t do the stretching they should as part of their workout routine, but will do it in a class setting.”

The Mississauga, Ontario location of One Health Clubs that I attend has a noticeably mixed demographic, and 50-plus men are well represented. Cruz says most of his older male clients are willing to give yoga a try. “If they’ve made the decision to work with a personal trainer then they have accepted that they need help and are open to try things they might not have done before,” he says. “I usually recommend they start off with restorative yoga and then ease into the regular classes.”

It wasn’t long before I had found a place on the floor at two to three yoga sessions a week. As recommended, I started off with restorative yoga (lots of slow stretching) but eventually focused on beginner warm yoga. The studio is heated to about 85 degrees Fahrenheit to help loosen up the muscles and joints.

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