Can Yoga Save Our Schools, One Teacher at a Time?

Loving this article from Yoga Journal about combating teacher and student stress in schools with the benefits of yoga! Could yoga save our schools? By giving teachers the tools to cope with the sometimes overwhelming stress of educating children, especially in under-resourced communities, Breathe For Change thinks it can. The organization launched last year by teachers for teachers is on a…

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Bedtime Yoga: 12 Poses to Help Kids Sleep Better

  Take the beloved bedtime story ritual a step further with Mariam Gates’s sequence that will soothe little ones to sleep. It’s bedtime. The kids are squabbling over bath toys, toothpaste, or nothing at all. Or they’re giddy—stuffed animals and giggles flying around the bedroom. Either scenario, you pine for family bonding, serenity and, sleep. “Sometimes…

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Animal Yoga Poses for Kids!

Yoga poses for kids

What better way to help get your little guy or gal practice yoga with you than to start them off with doing yoga poses with animal names?  How much fun is that! In this article from Animal Yoga Poses for Kids: From Lion to Frog, yoga postures (referred to as asana in Sanskrit, the language of…

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Top Five Ways Teens Can Benefit from Yoga and Mindfulness

yoga for teens

Yoga and mindfulness allows teens to relax and unwind, and help in the task of becoming an adult. Here are the top five benefits of yoga for teens: 1. Overcoming fear and finding confidence: Teens are often overcome with fear, fear that they don’t fit in, fear that they will fail, fear that they aren’t good…

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From US News: Making Yoga Kid-Friendly

Yoga isn’t just for adults…it’s for kids too!  Wondering how you can make your daily yoga practice kid-friendly?  Check out this great article from US News on “Making Yoga Kid-Friendly” (article excerpt below) Namaste to the future. Reflecting the swelling ranks of adult yogis, a growing number of kids are now doing yoga, as health experts, researchers…

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