Man Journeys from Living Under a Bridge to Boston Marathon

It’s the middle of the week, and it always hard to make it over the “hump day slump”…but we hope this story from our local news WKRN about Danny Dwyer and his journey from homelessness to health (and how yoga played a part in it!) will inspire you today! BOSTON (AP) — Whether solo, jogging in a crowd, or…

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What Happens When Two Guys Ditch Their Fears and Try Yoga

album cover with man doing yoga pose with "The Misfits" printed on top

(From April 2015) There will be no lack of opportunities to do stereotypical Guy Things next week — playing golf, watching the NBA playoffs, discussing the NFL draft and/or, of course, figuring out what to grill. But how many guys are aware that Sunday marks the start of D.C. Yoga Week?  Heck, how many guys have even…

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The Men of Yoga: Your Favorite Yoga Journal Teachers Weigh In

men on the mat

We are loving this article from, check it out below! Although yoga is traditionally a male practice, male yogis face a number of challenges from people who do not see the manly appeal. Some people believe that yoga is a girly, easy practice, while others believe that men just come to their mats to hit on…

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Exclusive Interview: Men Doing Yoga Display Incredible Feats of Grace and Strength

  We are featuring this beautiful article by My Modern Met in this Exclusive Interview: Men Doing Yoga Display Incredible Feats of Grace and Strength.  Stunning photography and insightful commentary by Amy Goalen.  Check it out below! From My Modern Met: Peace, elegance and grace meet strength, power and control in these portraits of male yoga practitioners. Last year,…

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Why Men Need Yoga More Than Women Do!

When you talk about “workouts”, what do you imagine a guy doing? He’s probably lifting a dumbbell, a barbell or may be doing a lunge. What about Yoga for Men? Too feminine?? We all do know yoga has benefits for both the sexes, but men still shy away from it. People give you all sorts of reasons…

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From CorePower Yoga – Demystifying Yoga: Men on the Mat

Men on the Mat

We are seeing more and more men interested in yoga here at the studio…which we love, because there are so many good benefits of yoga for men!  Here is a great article about “Demystifying Yoga: Men on the Mat” from CorePower Yoga. Quote from the article: “From its beginnings, yoga was a common practice for men.…

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