Stretch, Open, Breathe: 12 Prenatal Yoga Poses To Prepare For Birth



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Stretch, Open, Breathe {12 Prenatal Yoga Poses To Prepare For Birth}

Yoga can be a wonderful and gentle way to keep your body flexible and you mind focused during pregnancy, labour and birth. Most medical and birth professionals recommend yoga as appropriate exercise – even for mums who are limited for whatever reason! Yoga poses can be modified  and a teacher can help you use props and accessories to support your body while practicing. It’s really important to remember that when it comes to yoga, “no pain, no gain” is not the motto!! The aim is not necessarily to ‘get into the poses’ or perform the perfect pose – you need to listen to your own body. It’s not a race, go slow. It’s ok to only push as far as is comfortable, or to stretch a little further to mildy uncomfortable. The aim is NOT pain!

I personally used yoga throughout both of my pregnancies, although more with my second than my first. Regular practice enabled me to feel more open and free, flexible and aware, both physically and emotionally. I also used HypnoBirthing for my second, so yoga was a really great way to lead into my daily HypnoBirthing meditation. Even if you aren’t using HypnoBirthing, a few short stretches each day followed by a short relaxation or meditation feels great. And I don’t know about you, but for me, any excuse to relax while pregnant was welcomed by me with open arms!

I’ve put together my top 12 poses for pregnancy, which are gentle but helpful. This is not an exhaustive list of poses – there are countless other yoga positions that are great for pregnancy as well (most are, really!) – but these are the ones I personally loved the most. As always (and it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway!): caution should always be taken when practicing yoga while pregnant!

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