Six Yoga Poses for Football Players

YES, yoga is beneficial to men, even to football players!  Check out this great article from on some great poses for them!

American football players’ bodies have to be tough, strong machines and they take a beating in each game. Players practice on the field to hone their bodies and minds to be successful, and then they also hone their bodies and minds off the field by watching film or getting in a session at the weight room.

A yoga practice is a part of the preparation for many pro-athletes. Yoga can be immensely helpful to improve flexibility, increase joint strength and release built up tensions (physical and emotional), to name a few of its benefits.

I asked a few friends who play football at the college level what body part ails them due to their football careers, and the answers were different depending on the specialty of their position on the team. One player said his lower back was always hurting due to the heavy weights used for squats, while another said his hips were perpetually tight.

Whether you’re a defensive end or a running back, here are six yoga poses for football players that will be helpful to players on and off the field.

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