October Abundant Ambassadors

Meet Our October “Abundant Ambassadors”
Stacy Wray and Shona Burr

“A friend loves at all times…” and a sister meets you at the mat. (Proverbs 17:17)


1) What was your experience with yoga prior to Abundant Yoga?

Stacy: I had practiced yoga for 2 years when we lived in Colorado 10 years ago and loved how yoga not only strengthened me, but made my body feel great!  Ultimately, I stepped away from my practice because I longed to include Jesus, and I could not find a studio that offered this in where I wanted to go with my practice.

Shona: The only yoga class I had ever taken was Bikram Yoga. To be honest, I was an “athlete”, I was a trip-athlete, I worked out in a gym with weights.  That was my idea of a work out!!!  Yoga was NEVER on my radar!  To my surprise, yoga is getting me into the best shape of my life while positively impacting my spiritual journey!


2) Abundant Yoga believes we are a studio that offers more than yoga. How have you seen this to be true?

Stacy: Abundant Yoga is the answer to this girl’s yoga practice prayers from 10 years ago! Seriously, laying on my mat worshiping Jesus in class with fellow believers…I still have to pinch myself.  When my friend Shona called me on the way home from her first Yoga Church class, balling her eyes out, and asked if I wanted to join her (actually, she called telling me I was going to join her the next Sunday!), my response was “Sign me up!  When & where?…I’m already there!”  The opportunity to take care of my body, my health, and grow in Jesus with community is a dream come true for me!  Abundant Yoga is a firehose of goodness.

Shona: Absolutely! There is no better place to replenish your energy and improve your your relationship with yourself and with God. The space that has been created at our studio is filled with possibility and growth beyond measure. We are surrounded by like-minded people who are seeking to improve our health, flexibility, strength, and our connection with God (and okay…so the yoga apparel and looking cute while we are improving our “practice” is half the battle too, wink wink!) Abundant Yoga provides a “safe” space to cry, reflect, and repair. It is a community of supportive, encouraging people who challenge your thoughts and physical capabitly. We are all on our own path personally, physically, spiritually, and professionally.  It is a no-judgment zone, a no-comparison zone, and no-criticism zone. If you are looking for positive change in your life, you have come to the right place. You will smile, you will sing, you will laugh, you will cry, you will learn…and you will become a better version of yourself!


3) What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Stacy: Currently, Bird of Paradise, because I never thought I would be able to figure it out (both in balance or flexibility), and now I can mostly/sometimes/75% do it…the journey continues!

Shona: Warrior Two. It is a pose that enhances strength, stability, and concentration. It is a powerful pose that forces you to expand yourself, yet forces you to be “open” and “vulnerable”. Your arms are extended, and your heart is exposed and open to receive. Such a powerful place to be!!!  I adore this pose!


4) How has being with a friend impacted your practice?

Stacy & Shona: God is ALL about relationship, and sharing this Abundant Yoga journey with each other has been BEYOND wonderful (throwback love to our beginnings at Beyond Yoga ;-)) We usually carpool to class, so our Abundant Yoga practice starts in the car…listening to worship music or sometimes searching for that one awesome song from the last class!  Our Abundant Yoga practice also continues on the way home as we kibbutz about the Bible Scripture or teaching, what pose challenged us, or which one we were finally able to move into…sometimes brilliantly, or sometimes more like a “brilliant disaster”…but we celebrate the journey of yoga and with Jesus!  We also support each other outside of the practice celebrating goals accomplished or checking in on areas we are trying to strengthen.  We are currently enjoying an early appetizer & a lovely glass of Stella, having a great time answering these questions together, giggling & enjoying the journey!

Come practice with Stacy and Shona!

Stacy’s favorite classes are Yoga Church on Sunday mornings and
the Be Gentle/Powerful on Thursday mornings.

Shona’s favorite classes are Yoga Church on Sundays, Be Powerful – Primary Series,
Be Gentle/Powerful, and our new Be Powerful – Pose-N-Pump