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Beyond Yoga and owner Keleah Anderson had the privilege of being interviewed by in early September, and we are sharing the interview with you below!


After falling into a lull, Keleah Anderson found a way to teach yoga again.

After teaching yoga for the last 15 years, Anderson considered teaching her practice differently with Beyond Yoga. The new one-room studio is located off of South Royal Oaks in Franklin.

Rather than just for physicality, Anderson wanted her clients to have spiritual fulfillment, too. So, she decided to add a Christian component to her sessions.

“It was a process,” she said. “I really started incorporating a devotional or thought for a day even before I was teaching yoga. I would start out with a quote or thought of the day with my other workout classes, and it morphed into a Bible verse. When it came to yoga, I thought, ‘Why couldn’t this intention be my devotional or scripture?’ And it naturally began to go that direction.”

On Anderson’s foot is a tattoo that represents her branding for her new business and a symbol that represents her whole studio. A thick, black circle contains a goose that looks in flight.

“The goose is Celtic,” she said. “Christians refer to it as the holy spirit and the circle prayer. Before each practice, I pray a circle around the room. A circle has no opening. There is no way of doubt and fear to come. I would say it’s the foundation.”

Anderson offers three type of classes – restorative, gentle and power. With all yoga, a mental and spiritual benefit are both key components in the practice, in addition to the physical gain. And since incorporating Christianity into her practice, Anderson has seen a myriad of customers interested in that approach.

“Before I knew it, classes were packed with people,” she said. “And people wanted to set their intention on loving God or loving other people. It just grew.”

After a soft opening in May, Anderson will officially cut the ribbon on her business this week.

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