How To Get Back Into Yoga After Having A Baby


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I searched in vain for articles that would help me build back up to my yoga practice after having a baby. I couldn’t find anything that was helpful. It was either blogs from women that go right back to a vigorous Ashtanga practice, and the opposite end of the spectrum, where they waited for six months before even attempting to come back to their yoga practice. I’m a Vinyasa yoga instructor, and I was planning on coming back to teach my class after six weeks. So I decided to track how I made my way back to my yoga practice and back to teaching yoga after the birth of my fourth child.

First, I don’t believe there are any quick fixes — no crash diets or hard-core workout plans — for the postpartum mother (especially the first couple of months). I like the old quote that says, “It took 9 months to put it on, it will take 9 months to take it off.”

With these eight tips, I hope to get you back on your mat by building your strength back where pregnancy has weakened the core, shoulders and back.

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