Exclusive Interview: Men Doing Yoga Display Incredible Feats of Grace and Strength



We are featuring this beautiful article by My Modern Met in this Exclusive Interview: Men Doing Yoga Display Incredible Feats of Grace and Strength.  Stunning photography and insightful commentary by Amy Goalen.  Check it out below!

From My Modern Met:

Peace, elegance and grace meet strength, power and control in these portraits of male yoga practitioners. Last year, when Los Angeles-based photographer Amy Goalen started practicing power yoga, she also started photographing her male yoga teacher. It soon became a larger project, and as more male yogis volunteered to hold their poses for the camera, Goalen realized how rarely yoga photography features men. “The current mainstream view of yoga is that it’s for women,” she writes. “The majority of magazines and advertisements for the yoga industry feature women in beautiful, elegant poses.”

To show the mindful beauty of male-practised yoga, Goalen is creating a book titled Inside the Warrior – The Masculine Side of Yoga with writer Julian DeVoe. “One of the reasons we practice yoga is to embrace our present moment and to practice patience and self acceptance,” she reminds us. “Getting to interview and photograph as many different men as possible will allow us to create a book that will speak to all men.”

Framing each yogic pose as a heroic stance, Goalen shoots from floor-level. Her photography technique, she says, has strengthened with her own personal yoga practice.

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