Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me? Class Content Do You Love Me?

This 75-minute Yoga Church class combines all 3 abundant formats: still, gentle and power. The content explores Jesus’ third appearance post resurrection, Peter denying Christ three times, and Jesus reinstating Peter with three questions. The flow metaphorically uses the power of repetition to reflect how Christ’s love empowers us to forgive others and ourselves. The sequencing connects fish posture, boat poses, 1/2 Lord of the fishes and jump switching to symbolize Peter jumping out of the boat and running to shore to partake in the feast of forgiveness. Finally, one will rest in a reclined table and meditate on the scene of breakfast on the beach Jesus served his disciples seeing oneself invited to recline at this table as well ~ Forgiven and Loved.

Props suggested: Blanket, Bolster, 2 Blocks

Scripture: John 21: 1-17

Playlist offered:

Playlist offered: