Blog Post: {BE}ing thankful

A few years back, I began teaching three little things that God showed me regarding gratitude: Learning, Speaking, & Giving

1.  Learning gratitude meant practicing gratitude.  Practice meant making lists and writing it down.  Anything learned took practice.

2.  Speaking gratitude meant saying ‘thank you’ often and face-to-face (“coming back”).

3.  Giving gratitude meant having an awareness of abundance. How many of the things that I have in my life are truly, entirely, 100% in my possession because of only me and my own work?


Very quickly, I realized the answer was none.  Suddenly in an all-consuming way, I became very thankful for each and every thing in my life.  Holding onto things, whether it be money, resources of time, words of praise, or thanks…is like holding a scoop of sand in my hand,  The more tightly I squeeze to hold it, the more of it gets away from me.  And yet with a gentle grip of a cupped open palm, I allow it to come and go.  Giving gives freedom.  Gratefulness births generosity, generosity creates freedom.  As I have it, I give it and as I give it, I receive in return.

Inspired by the stories of the one leper who returned to say/speak thank you (Luke 17), Paul learning to be content in prison (Philippians 4), and a widow who gave Elijah her last biscuit (1 Kings 17), you will find this message on the mat in this month. Whatever your practice in November, practice {be}ing thankful.  It will be a beautiful GIFT to yourself and to others.

With Gratitude,

~ Keleah