Animal Yoga Poses for Kids!

Yoga poses for kids

What better way to help get your little guy or gal practice yoga with you than to start them off with doing yoga poses with animal names?  How much fun is that!

In this article from Animal Yoga Poses for Kids: From Lion to Frog, yoga postures (referred to as asana in Sanskrit, the language of Yoga) emulate animal shapes, elements in nature, and aspects of our surrounding world.  Kids naturally create many these types of shapes with their bodies, in playful and expressive ways.


Whether you’re a teacher, parent, relative, or babysitter, kids yoga poses can be utilized in either formal teaching practice or informal play. Here are eight yoga poses for kids that can be used to enhance connection with the animal kingdom, themselves and each other.

As you’re directing kids into these shapes, allow space for their creativity and intuition to be a part of the practice. To create a deeper sense of unity and interaction, yoga mats can be placed in a circle. Use the time setting up the poses and between poses to provide information about the animal(s), their behaviors, and what we have in common with them and with each other. Allow space for both learning and play, while encouraging interaction with one other when appropriate and also the ability for each kid to connect with their own breath and sensations.

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