An Inspirational Teen Yogi: Jaysea Devoe


From, we’re so inspired by this teen’s yoga journey, and we hope you will be too!

Teen yoga teacher-turned-entrepreneur Jaysea Devoe offers insight into how her family’s free-flowing lifestyle and follow-your-passion ethic have allowed her to achieve so much by age 14.

When she’s not teaching teen yoga, posting to her popular Instagram handle, or in a design meeting for SeaVibes, her newly launched clothing brand, you can find 14-year-old Jaysea DeVoe out by or on the ocean, the source of inspiration for her free-flowing lifestyle and entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Creative Family Behind the Yoga Success

“I live by the bluff in Encinitas, California. All of my memories since I was little are tied to the sea,” says DeVoe, whose family has also summered for years on a houseboat together, sailing the islands of Santa Barbara to Cabo San Lucas. “Traveling and seeing different cultures—it’s really fun. No matter where I am, on the sea, I feel at home.”

An atypical upbringing helped to foster a follow-your-passion ethic. DeVoe’s father, Rick, managed punk rock band, Blink 182, and professional surfers for much of his career, while her stay-at-home mom, a trained school teacher, modeled for women’s clothing brand, Roxy. DeVoe and her two brothers attended various public and private schools early on, but ultimately, homeschooling programs afforded them the freedom to pursue other interests. For example, DeVoe’s twin brother, Fisher, is a photographer and competitive surfer.

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Becoming “The Youngest Yoga Teacher”

Today, as a student of Classical Academy, “All of my courses and quizzes are online,” says the middle-school student. Daily, after knocking out her class workload, DeVoe does yoga, a practice she began at age eight. “I’d tried a kids’ class back then and loved it,” she says. “I’d tried other sports before like soccer and basketball, but none clicked for me. Yoga felt like the right thing.”

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